Do sun catchers work in winter?

Do sun catchers work in winter?

We're all thinking it, and it makes perfect sense. Often, winter is cold, gloomy, and dark, so it's natural to ask if it is worth having sun catchers during the winter.

Yes! It's 100% worth it to have sun catchers during winter! They don't care whether it's cold outside; they only need sunlight to work. It's true that there tends to be less sunlight during the winter season, but when it does peek out from behind the clouds, it's all the more appreciated.

Our Australian-made sun catcher window stickers are like magical little gems that sparkle and shine, no matter the season! They catch every bit of sunlight, whether it’s a full beam or a soft glow, and transform it into a rainbow dance of colours that light up your space.

Perfect for adding a touch of boho aesthetic to your home, these Australian-made sun catchers create rainbows and dazzling displays that brighten up any room. Made with special materials that love to play with light, these rainbow-making window stickers ensure that as long as the sun is shining, even just a little, your space will be filled with joy and sparkle all winter long!


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