Gemini Season! Find the perfect gift your favourite Gemini.

Gemini Season! Find the perfect gift your favourite Gemini.

It's June! The season of the Gemini is here and it's time to ask a very important question. What do you buy a Gemini for their birthday?

When it comes to gifting for Gemini girls, creativity and thoughtfulness are key. Known for their lively personalities, intellectual curiosity, and love for variety, Gemini women appreciate gifts that cater to their multifaceted interests and dynamic nature. Whether it's a book that stimulates their mind, a gadget that feeds their tech-savvy side, or an accessory that complements their ever-changing style, a well-chosen gift for a Gemini girl is one that engages her quick-witted and adventurous spirit.


Here's some bubbly gift ideas for your Gemini bestie!


1. Kissing Whales Sun Catcher Stickers

Our Kissing Whales Sun Catcher Stickers are a fantastic gift for a Gemini friend because they combine whimsy and charm with a touch of the unexpected, perfectly matching a Gemini's playful and curious nature. These unique stickers not only brighten up any space with their colourful reflections but also appeal to a Gemini's love for interesting and novel decor items that spark joy and conversation.


2. Stay Wild Mushroom Jumper

The Bubbly Type's "Stay Wild" mushroom jumper is a thoughtful gift for a Gemini because it reflects their free-spirited and adventurous personality. The quirky mushroom design and uplifting "Stay Wild" message resonate with a Gemini's love for unique, eye-catching fashion and their zest for life, making it a perfect addition to their wardrobe.




3. Happy Birthday You Beautiful Human - A6 Greeting Card

You'll need an awesome card to complement your gift, and this is the perfect choice for your Gemini friend! The "Happy Birthday You Beautiful Human" card says it all in a beautifully expressive way, making it an ideal addition to any birthday celebration.


 What will you gift to the Gemini in your life? Make sure it's special with a touch of The Bubbly Type's feel good gift range and greeting cards.

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