Affordable and Fun Gift Ideas Under $15 from The Bubbly Type

Affordable and Fun Gift Ideas Under $15 from The Bubbly Type

Searching for delightful and affordable gift options under $15? Look no further! The Bubbly Type offers a range of playful gifts that are easy on the wallet. From charming sun catchers to whimsical stickers, let's dive into the treasure trove of happiness that won't hurt your budget.

1. Sun Catchers: Adding Colour to Your Day

Brighten up any space with The Bubbly Type's sun catchers. These colourful delights bring a touch of magic as sunlight dances through them. With designs featuring everything from positive to whimsical plants and flowers, these sun catchers are a simple way to add a pop of vibrancy to your surroundings. Stick them in windows or cars to experience daily moments of joy.

Shop sun catchers here.

2. Stickers: Personalise and Play

Elevate your personal items with The Bubbly Type's sticker collection. These aren't just any stickers – they're bursts of positivity that can adorn laptops, notebooks, and water bottles. From witty quotes to charming animals, there's a sticker to match every mood and style. Let your individuality shine with these playful and adhesive expressions of fun.

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3. Bookmarks: Where Function Meets Whimsy

Say goodbye to dull bookmarks! The Bubbly Type introduces bookmarks that are as captivating as the stories they mark. With magical quotes and endearing illustrations, these bookmarks turn reading into an adventure. Elevate your reading experience and impress your fellow book enthusiasts with these conversation-starting accessories.

Shop bookmarks here.


4. A5 Art Prints: Mini Canvases of Creativity

Transform your living space with The Bubbly Type's A5 art prints. These pocket-sized masterpieces offer an array of designs, from motivational quotes to whimsical illustrations. Adding a touch of artistry to your surroundings has never been more affordable. Bring personality to your walls without exceeding your budget.

Shop art prints here.


In Summary: Budget-Friendly Delights from The Bubbly Type

In the world of budget-conscious gift-giving, The Bubbly Type shines bright with its collection of under $15 treasures. Explore the enchantment of sun catchers, the playfulness of stickers, the charm of bookmarks, and the creativity of A5 art prints. These gifts are not just tokens; they're bursts of happiness that prove that joy doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag.

Step into a world of affordable gifting where every item tells a story and spreads a smile. With The Bubbly Type, bringing happiness to your loved ones and yourself has never been more accessible. Explore the possibilities and let your gift choices reflect your playful spirit.

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